Monday, November 15, 2010

I have moved


A different stage

It's pouring raining and I'm staying at home. Not for the rain, even if it would be a good reason to stay inside. This damp and gray morning makes me think about this stage of my life. I have been dealing with some challenges in the last few weeks. I haven't spent enough quality time with my soul mate. He has been very busy and when we are together we are often tired and/or nervous. We had planned to move in together by the end of this year but the renovation works take longer than expected. The option might be to temporarily move to another place and we are seriously thinking about it. It's not that simple as we need to find a place for few months and there is only one possibility which seems reasonable. However, other people are involved (I do want to go into details here) and more talk is needed. Hopefully, we will sort this out in the following days. I really want to move in with him as soon as possibile. I can't wait any longer and I'm sure our relationship will benefit from living together: we desperately need to live our own life!

More over, I feel completely disconnected from my work. I've realised that I'm not as passionate about my work as I used to be. As above mentioned, this is perhaps just a stage but I don't know how to cope with those unpleasant feelings. They have been "knocking on my head" for a long time and I just can't drop these thoughts as they were not important.

On the plus side, I am getting involved (and I am passionate about it!) in politics. Like many Italians, I'm fed up with Mister B. and I think it's time to get actively involved in order to change the political landscape. I go to local meetings and I support a political party.

I also feel the urge to write and share my thoughts, projects (i.e. knitting stuff) etc. on my blog. It seems that writing keeps me alive and I'd like to move ahead. There's nothing professional in this blog, but I would like a more stylish way to put content on the web as I'm planning to open a virtual shop to sell my handmake scarves.

Yarn shopping and more knitting


I'm thinking about moving this blog to squarespace.
If I take this decision, I will let you know either here or by email. If you don't see this homepage in the next hours or days it's only because I am moving all my "virtual" stuff there, ok?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Perhaps Proust is a bit too heavy

after 50 pages one just wants to commit suicide (or fly to France which is even worse than suicide. Cheese is fabulous, Paris merveilleuse but French people...). Every year I think that it is just the right time to read In Search of Lost Time. I "taste" the first few pages to confirm that yes, the right time has come. As I read through I change my mind as it is a claustrophobic masterpiece. It is a shame as I would LOVE to read it but one has to be in the right mood.

So, what can I read? I should read in English but I must confess that I'm getting lazy. I use English all the time, sometimes it's good to lay in bed reading a book written in my own language. I'll probably read Il gioco dell'Angelo (The Angel's Game) as it is set in Barcelona and I'm going there in February for a couple of days (hopefully for more than just 2 days). Can't wait: Spain, Portugal and Greece are the only European countries where I feel almost at home.

I haven't done much today. I feel so tired for no reason. Well, I'm probably having what I usually have every single month: a severe PMS ( I have ALL the symptoms described there, what a lucky girl!). I feel like s*** and can't focus at all. I'll have to catch up tomorrow, otherwise someone is going to kill me pretty soon. To make things worse I have to go out tonight.

This weather makes me want to curl up and read a good book

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Soft & Warm

If you are running out of ideas for Christmas presents, you could buy one of my soft and warm scarves!

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Friday, November 5, 2010

"The whole of Proust's world comes out of a teacup"

S. Beckett.

The episode of the madeleine dipped in tea is the most famous "involuntary memory" in In the Search of Lost Time. Indeed, food, tastes and smells trigger memories and sometimes reproduce emotions from the past.

Inspired by Andy's recepies and Arte's post, I have decided to write a post about my involuntary memories which are trigged by my favourite food/dishes. If you like the idea, I encourage you to do the same.

Favourite dishes:
  1. Polenta with gorgonzola. Involuntary memory: my maternal grandma's kitchen. We gather on Sundays, the kitchen is very small (and hot) and polenta with cheese is the hoven to keep it hot. My gradma is fond of cheese (we are all fond of cheese, can't live without it) and eats big portions. I would never stop eating but after a while I have enough. Polenta is a poor food but it's very filling.
  2. Frittura dolce, "Fried sweet" (a Piedmontese dish made with sugar, milk, semolino -I don't know the proper translation- and lemon pulp. It's not a dessert, rather we eat it as entrée and it is delicious). Involuntary memory: my paternal grandma's kitchen and bedroom where frittura was kept cold for one day before cooking. I smell the lemon pulp and immediately spot the oval dish in the cold bedroom. I steal some uncooked (= not fried) perfectly cut pieces of frittura. During lunch I almost eat only frittura dolce and... the following dish
  3. Vitello tonnatoInvoluntary memory: my paternal gradma's house. Meat has never been my favourite food but I LOVE the sauce! I eat a small slice of veal and eat a great amount of sauce with bread. Now I eat both with gusto but I'll never taste my gradma's sauce again, it was great.
What about your involuntary memories?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dinner (tonight)

check this out.

Great blog, isn't it?

Another morning (Sunrise, Alba)

Sandro Veronesi

With regards to translations, I've found out that Quiet Chaos is available in English. I don't know if the translation is good though. It must have been challenging to translate the above mentioned book into English as the author has a very peculiar style.

As for XY, his last book, I must admit that is very good. I enjoyed Caos Calmo (Quiet Chaos) but I found it too long. It could have been -say- 100 pages shorter. XY is a thriller (or a mistery book? I'm not sure...) that revolves around 10 very strange murders which occur in a small and isolated mountain village, all 10 in one day at the same time. Nothing new, right? Fear somehow relates to the mountains (i.e. Misery, The Shining). The murders seem unrelated but they must be linked as the bodies are found in one place. What is interesting is that the reader experience the story through the perspectives of two characters and one of them has something to do with the murders due to a weird thing that happens to her the day when the bodies are found.

I'm reading it, it has been intriguing so far. Bravo Veronesi.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ashamed to be Italian

"better than being gay"

After all

through pilates and feldenkrais I'm playing with myself so I'm more confortable with a less serious template.

Despite the terrible weather, we had a lovely weekend: great food & wine! If you are around, I'd recommed to have lunch/dinner here:
2. Piazza Crova, 3 (Vaglio Serra).

I finished my second scarf and I will be be done with the third soon. While I was knitting we had an interesting conversation. Again, I think I know where I'm going as I feel really good when I'm focused on my body and on the connection between body and mind. Priorities change as lfe changes and at this stage of my life I feel the need to catch up with my body. I've been focusing for a long time on my intellectual growth, it's now time to pay attention to my body needs.