Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Perhaps Proust is a bit too heavy

after 50 pages one just wants to commit suicide (or fly to France which is even worse than suicide. Cheese is fabulous, Paris merveilleuse but French people...). Every year I think that it is just the right time to read In Search of Lost Time. I "taste" the first few pages to confirm that yes, the right time has come. As I read through I change my mind as it is a claustrophobic masterpiece. It is a shame as I would LOVE to read it but one has to be in the right mood.

So, what can I read? I should read in English but I must confess that I'm getting lazy. I use English all the time, sometimes it's good to lay in bed reading a book written in my own language. I'll probably read Il gioco dell'Angelo (The Angel's Game) as it is set in Barcelona and I'm going there in February for a couple of days (hopefully for more than just 2 days). Can't wait: Spain, Portugal and Greece are the only European countries where I feel almost at home.

I haven't done much today. I feel so tired for no reason. Well, I'm probably having what I usually have every single month: a severe PMS ( I have ALL the symptoms described there, what a lucky girl!). I feel like s*** and can't focus at all. I'll have to catch up tomorrow, otherwise someone is going to kill me pretty soon. To make things worse I have to go out tonight.


  1. HI LOLA-

    my favorite author is Wally Lamb - "She's Come Undone" I found to be a great bookof his.

    Love you

  2. Lola! You make me laugh. The opening lines were soooooo funny :-)
    I remember, one time, I had a book that I really did want to read. But it was just too difficult - too heavy. I picked it up several times and had to stop within the first chapter or so.
    Eventually the time came which was the 'right' time. I started it and found, suddenly, that I could read it and I read it all the way through. I loved it.
    The time will come when you can read it and enjoy it. Don't worry. Now, have a rest and read something in Italian! :-)

  3. Ciao Lola,
    un po' come le prime 100 pagine de "Il nome della rosa" vero? Anche se io, entrambe le volte che l'ho letto, ho trovato più pesante la descrizione della biblioteca...
    Suggerimento per una lettura leggera: "La bibbia ha (quasi) sempre ragione", Giole Dix. Simpatico, divertente, non impegnativo.O, come ho suggerito a qualcuno (indovina chi), qualcosa di Benni.

  4. @gail: I have that book! I haven't read it yet but after your comment I will read it soon.
    @andy: :) it happens sometimes with books, one needs to wait for the right moment. I'm not resting though and I'm reading a book in English!
    @Pietro: è vero! Il nome della rosa! Sono riuscita a leggerlo durante un lungo viaggio aereo (le prime 100 pagine intendo). Grazie per i consigli!

  5. I like the French people. Yes, sometimes they feel they are 'the French' but it is also a defence mechanism because they are a bit of a loser culture. I guess I have inherited like a privileged communication channel with them since my father adored them, and his family was sort of bilingual, Italian French.

  6. PS
    Prova con Alessandro Piperno. Notevolissimo. Divertente.

  7. Do you?
    Well, I was joking but I must admit that I don't adore them.
    Piperno mi piace molto.